5 Things The Loss Of My Dog Taught Me

If you’ve ever lost a beloved pet you know pure heartbreak. An ache that shatters you into pieces. Disbelief, shock, anger, denial. A phantom limb that’s been chopped off but you still feel it, sense it, look for it. You're thinking any moment she might come trotting...

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7 Ways To Shake Off Anger   

I recently experienced an unsettling end to a longterm friendship. The intellectual side of me knew ending it was the right move, but the emotional side of me was left feeling upset and angry. I needed to shake it off and fast. I decided to face my feelings head on...

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Free SM posts

If you're a health or fitness coach, you know how important it is to keep the motivation flowing. I've created 12 ready to rock fitness inspired social media posts that are perfect for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, anywhere you want to post! Tip: Upload a post into...

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I LOVE Essential Oils

Serenity, Lavender, Elevation, Frankincense are just a few of my favorite essential oils. I use them topically, aromatically and I even ingest them- love some drops in my bath, in a diffuser or right on my pulse points. Have you ever had a few drops of lemon essential...

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Kindess From Beyond

My dream woke me from a deep sleep and left me picturing his face as I tried to hang onto the details before they began to evaporate. The “face” belonged to Jeff, the guy who introduced me to my husband, the Godfather of our son and a dear friend who recently died....

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Bye Bye Belly

• Are you sick of your belly bulge? • Do you think you’re eating healthy and exercising but it just doesn’t budge? • Are you stressed out and feeling overwhelmed and wonder how that is affecting your gut? Get all the info HERE on...

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Lessons In Gratitude – Can Lady

What began as a typical Thursday became a life-changing moment that nearly brought me to my knees. I was up early, preparing our daughter’s breakfast before school, racing to run the dog out, rushing to get ready for work as a health coach and writer in NYC and had a...

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How To Train For Your First 5K

There’s nothing like the glory of crossing the finish line! Whether you’re new to racing or looking to jump back in, this simple plan will have you up and running in no time. Find out how to get started on your first 5 K journey - It's never too late to challenge...

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